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Detail View of Elizabeth Grey, Lady Audley

Elizabeth Grey, Lady Audley, miniature painting by Hans Holbein the Younger. c. 1540

Roy Strong names Lady Audley as "Elizabeth Grey, Daughter of Thomas Grey, 2nd Marquis of Dorset and Margaret Wotton. She married in 1538 Thomas, Lord Audley of Walden who died in 1544, she then married, in 1549, George Norton." (ATC, 49)

Notice that the clear demarcation of the crescent visible in the sketch is not as clear in the painted image. There could be many reasons for this. Strong notes there was extensive restoration in the costume of the painting that could have blurred the line, or Holbein may not have painted that demarcation on such a small painting, or there may be simply not have been a clear separation in the actual French hood or coif.

Image from the book Artists of the Tudor Court, The Portrait Miniature Rediscovered 1520-1620, by Roy Strong and V.J. Murrell (1983). Page 18 & 49. The Victoria and Albert Museum, Great Britain. ISBN 0-905209-34-6.

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