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Detail View of Portrait of Margaret Wyatt, Lady Lee

Portrait of Margaret Wyatt, Lady Lee, Copy after Hans Holbein the Younger (English, 16th century) c. 1540, Oil on wood, 42,5 x 32,7 cm, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Margaret Wyatt died March 10, 1536/37. So this style of dress and hood may be better included in the middle of the 1530s.

"From the time of its first publication (1909), the present picture has been doubted as an autograph work by Holbein. It most likely is based on a lost Holbein drawing, and may have been painted in about 1540 in Holbein's workshop." Metropolitan Museum of Art.

A high resolution version (2024 x 2652, 313 KB) of this image may be viewed at the Wikimedia Commons site.

Color image from Wikimedia Commons, Portrait of Margaret Wyatt, Lady Lee [Art] Retrieved February 28, 2006 from the World Wide Web:

Thank you to Roger Franz for his suggestion to use this portrait.

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