Here are various images of English men's garments from the first half of sixteenth century, specifically 1480s-1540s. This is the reign of King Henry VII, King Henry VIII, and perhaps into King Edward VI's reign. Some images may come from outside of England, mostly from northern Europe, if they are similar to the English Tudor garments of the time. I am collecting these here to provide a time line of images, to better understand the line and form, and any progressive changes over that chronology.

As there are other excellent sites for images of this time frame, I have provided direct links to those sites for more information. They are noted by an image of a web.

The images on my site are scanned from various books I own, or found on the Internet if they are large enough. I show them here by chronological order if they are dated, or by best approximation of the date.

All larger images are noted as to which book they came from for copyright purposes. No copyright infringement is intended. These images are shown here as "fair use" for research purposes.

Please be warned that the images may be large in file size, and may take awhile to load. This is to provide better detail, especially for the enlarged close-up images.

This is a section in progress. I will add more images to this section as time permits me, which can be slow at times. The latest updates will be listed above.

If you are looking for an excellent site for more Tudor era images, go to (formerly

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